jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

A bit too "spartan" ?

This morning I fixed a few last minute bugs from the build...
I created an amiable installer... and coded a simple setup utility.
Since the begining, I wanted DuoS DSEMU to be as lightweight as possible... so far, that goal has been achieved, as the emulator itself is no more than 340kb in size...
With that in mind, I never really cared about features such as keyboard config, joystick support, screenshot support, video recording and such... I've always thougth that when you run an emu, what matters is to be able to play.

But then, I've received more than one complain regarding keyboard config... so, early this morning I coded this:

It certainly achieves its function... and I must admit I'm not a graphics artist myself.
One of my closest beta-testers has already call it "too spartan" (disciplined and conservative with little to no decoration or color)...

Will anyone care if I ship the first release, tomorrow, using it?

I just await for comments...

16 comentarios:

  1. Yes please, keyboard configuration is a must in any emulator. Would love it even more if it have full screen too.

    Keep up the good work man.

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  2. Pls release it tomorrow :P

    And another thing...

    I thought you said youre want to make a Version for Android after you done with the Windows Version. So do you start with that after?
    If yes i give you a tip. In the Google Play store is a new APP called DSOID its a new DS emulator but its very buggy for now. Maybe you could work together to make a very good NDS Emu for Android. If youre interested in it here is the Email adress of the guy that made the app qingpingqingping@gmail.com

    I wish you good luck :)

  3. Also controller support is definitely needed. I won't use an emu that won't let me use one personally.

  4. Please i really need your help the controls wont change

  5. so far this is the simplest yet reliable DS emulator i've used, one thing is that the keyboard config doesn't work...

  6. Please Fix the control config!
    I love this emulator, Thank You!

  7. Dude, the controller configuration does not work. Is as if there was absolutely no setup at all.

  8. Well i didn't even change settings, however i like how light it is on CPU. Controll settings does look bit spartan xD http://tearu.cba.pl/grafika/Key-Setup.png think that would do good, if u like it, i'll send u an PSD file so u can use it.

  9. Wheres the fix for this problem? Damn i cant play rockband with the default controls

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