domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Lots of fixes, and a nice performance increase

I spent most of my Saturday making fixes to my ARM Dynamic Recompiler, which were causing some games to just "freeze"... this was a major boomer, as I was becoming very proud of the emu high compatibility. So far it seems to be ok, but I still haven't managed to get the time to test it on more than a dozen of games yet.

On the other hand, I replaced the WinDIB functions for Direct3D based ones... the speed enhancement is amazing! Now I can say that as far as the Software Renderer is not forced too much, lots of games are fully playable in full speed, with just a little frameskip.

Here are a couple of screen captures from the games I was fixing the Recompiler for, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Castlevania : Dawn of Sorrow.

BTW, after some complains, I added a simple synch icon to the emu, also version number has been increased to 0.110, according to my Devevlopment Road Document.

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